My 9 Winter Essentials


I can’t thank my friends and family enough for all the support and love they have given me since starting this fun blog a couple weeks ago (& life in general). I decided to pay it forward and show some love to some essential things I can’t live without this season.
The links open up in new windows, you should definitely explore these awesome must haves.

1. The Scout Guide, I have been a fan of for a long time and love what it represents. Not only is my amazingly talented sister, Sophie (Rosé Media, Tweet The Bride), featured in this (Washington, D.C. Vol.2) city guide, but so are a lot of creative, brilliant and fabulous small businesses, artists and entrepreneurs in the area. It is a beautifully put together book that “promotes independent businesses in print and online”. If you need  some last minute ideas for Christmas gifts, definitely check out this ultra chic aide for inspiration.

2. Conscious Coconut, (15$). My friend’s older sister started this company that is definitely one you should support. I have been using the magic that is coconut oil, on my elbows and face before bed and I wake up with glowing skin.  It works wonders in more way than one (anti aging, oil pulling, moisturizer, make up removing, after sun, itch relief, just to name a few). This is one of the best stocking stuffers and gifts in general because with each purchase, a meal is given to a child through their partnership with Feeding America. They also,”work directly with our farmers and suppliers, supporting fair trade practices on our journey to bring you the ultimate organic beauty and wellness product”. You can’t lose with this product and it’s definitely time to hop on the coconut train if you haven’t already. If you already love coconut oil, like myself, this is crucial for your travels. It is easy to pack in your purse or carryon – compared to the jars we get at the stores.
p.s. 1 coconut water a day =hangover cure

3. Nivea, A Kiss of Moisture, (3$). This is the best chapstick out there. I have it in regular and shimmer and will choose one or the other, depending on my mood. It’s only a few bucks so if you lose it, NBD! This will definitely keep your lips silky smooth throughout the cold season.

4. Real Colors, Stay Smoothe, (10$). I originally bought this from Sally Hansen Beauty Supply for my Halloween Costume (in attempt to try contouring) and now use it every time I put my face on as the finishing touch, on my fore head and eye area. It is a great highlighter and gives me a natural healthy glow/shine in photos.


5. Beats By Dre Ear Buds (100$) These are the most comfortable ear buds on earth. My ears use to always hurt after just ten minutes using any earbuds at the gym/work. However, with these pillow soft earbuds, I feel pain no more. They are definitely worth investing in if you are constantly in pain due to small ears. They are also noise canceling which is pretty rad.


6. Biosilk Therapy, (40$) This is the BEST hair silk on the market. I have tried so many different kinds but this one I keep going back to after 6 years. I have gone through bottles of this stuff. The serum smells incredible – I get compliments on my hair “perfume” all the time. I put it on my mane immediately after the shower and let it works it’s de-frizzing and silkening magic.

7.  Tazo Refresh Mint My tea flavor of the moment is mint. Mojitos are my favorite cocktail so the use of spearmint in this tea relaxes me and reminds me of being beach side in beautiful Cozumel.  It’s refreshing, calming and helps wind me down after a long day.


8. Erwin Gomez Liquid Gloss in SAB, (30$). Goodbye “basic bitch” red. This deep maroon with a sheer shimmer is the best dramatic lip for every party.  My good friend Laura Z. even said, “Erwin Gomez can do no wrong”, after sharing this shade with her at the W2WW book party last week in Georgetown and clearly, she is right.

9. NYE Ticket to Carnegie Library  (250$  VIP) I cannot wait to host New Years Eve @ Carnegie Library with all of my closest friends! This is definitely the way you want to ring in the new year. I have my ticket and they are selling out quick. You can use “pyle” for 10$ off. See you there! #2016

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