2016 Resolutions


My New Years was perfect. I spent it with some of my most favorite people ever at Carnegie Library in DC. #DCBrunchClub. It was also, technically, me & Steve’s 6th New Year’s Eve! Holy Moly. Even though we weren’t together/dating at the first one (it was still the same party & place ;).
Anywho, Here are a few  resolutions I am going to work on.
I am not a huge obsessor on change for the new year, however, I am so excited for 2016 and would love to see the things on this list come true.


1. Paint More
2. Study Hard
3. 4.0 every semester of nursing school
4. No bars & more dinner parties/ homely friend gatherings
5. no more diet sodas
6.  barre3 4x a week
7. less iPhone pics, more dslr pics
8. go to bed before 11
9. stay adventurous
10. Try out some juice cleanses
11. Focus on current friendships


 Happy New Year! xx

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