The WONDER Exhibit at the Renwick Gallery

Location: 1700 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC
Hours: Open daily, 10 am-5 pm
Admission: Free!

DSC_07161.8 Janet Echelman

The WONDER exhibition at the Renwick Gallery is the new, must-see installation for everyone visiting and living in DC.  The Renwick’s architecture was inspired by the Louvre and is a National Historic Landmark, being the first (art) museum in the country to have ever been built (150 years ago!) to feature solely art. In the sixties, the Renwick had become increasingly dilapidated and Jacqueline Kennedy successfully led a campaign to save and restore the gallery from being torn down and turned into a government building. It became a part of the Smithsonian family and reopened in the seventies.

DSC_07211.8 Janet Echelman

The Gallery recently underwent a two year renovation, reopening this past November.  The exhibition, WONDER, features nine incredibly beautiful creations by nine incredibly talented artists.  I visited the stunning exhibition with my friends Saturday morning and there was no line around 11 (but it was a bit crowded). The walk through the museum takes about an hour. When we left, there was a huge line about two blocks long. So…unless you have that kind of patience, I suggest going during the week, or get there in the morning on the weekend before lunch time.
The first-floor galleries close July 2016 and the second floor galleries close in May 2016, so keep that in mind.
Here  are some snaps I took of each exhibit, enjoy!

IMG_84131.8 Janet Echelman

Gabriel Dawe’s Plexus A1

Untitled, Tara Donovan & [background] Gabriel Dawe’s Plexus A1

IMG_8458Folding the Chesapeake Maya Lin

IMG_8462ANONYMOUS DONOR Chakaia Booker

IMG_8453Middle Fork John Grade

IMG_8411Volume (Renwick) Leo Villareal

IMG_8395Steve playing in Untitled, Tara Donovan

IMG_8467In the Midnight Garden Jennifer Angus

DSC_0704Alex & Taylor in  Patrick Dougherty’s Shindig

Chase & Taylor, Patrick Dougherty’s Shindig

Group Shot with 1.8 by Janet Echelman

You can check out the gallery in Washington, D.C. at Pennsylvania & 17th  NW or check out more photos and information at their website by clicking here.

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