Top 15 of 2015


After successfully finishing my first week of nursing school — before the coursework really picks up — I decided to go through all my adventures from 2015 and highlight them in a post.  I truly had one of the BEST years of my life and am so blessed be surrounded by so much love and support.
My friend Casey of Honey & Cashmere, inspired this post too, after she wrote a beautiful post about what 2015 meant to her.
My year was filled with so many special moments and being able to relive such wonderful experiences through memories and photographs makes me even more excited of what the future has is in store for me.
Even though my head will be buried in medical books for 95% of 2016, I will make sure to keep my wanderlust soul content with the occasional excursion to the nearest beach, sunflower field or tropical island.

Here are my top 15 highlights in 2015,
in no specific order.

1. The New Year in Florida
 Lots of boiled peanuts, oranges, oysters and seafood platters were harmed during this trip.

2. Breckenridge
Click here for more on our trip to Coloradical

3.My 25th Birthday Extravaganza
Cox Farms, VA.


4. Los Angeles, City of Angels
I traveled to LA and was lucky enough to have my best friend from college join me. We had a blast and ended up doing everything we wanted to accomplish and more.  We stayed in West Hollywood with my friend Sasha Horne our first night and then at the Westin downtown, the rest of our trip. The bars, dining and parties were beyond fun and I can’t wait to go back soon.

5. Memorial Day Weekend in the Florida Keys
Click here to read more about the trip!

6. Weekend Trips to NYC


7. Bonnaroo with the Ross Clan

8.  Austin, Texas

9. The Poconos, Lake Harmony, PA

10. St Louis, MO
Gardens, Concert & Catherdral explorin’

11. Diner En Blanc with Shannon, DC

12. Sunflower Fields with Michelle
Clear Meadow Farms, MD

13. Beach Trips to the Eastern Shore
The best part about living in D.C. is easy access to the beach. I couldn’t imagine having to travel via airplane every time I needed to breathe that fresh,salty, ocean air. Honestly, the few  people I have met that grew up in the cold or in the middle of nowhere, turned out to be miserable humans & I totally blame it on lack of beach access.

14. Charlottesville weekend with Courtney
Celebrating Nursing School acceptance

15. Best for last, my sister’s engagement!


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