Blackberry Buttercream Frosting



I made this cake for my friend Emily’s birthday last weekend and felt like getting creative since she is quite the hostess. In honor of her royal themed birthday, I knew I had to make a cake fit for a queen and wanted to do something different. Naked cakes are very in right now and also super beautiful so I decided to try it out!  I have been so busy with work and school so unfortunately I wasn’t able to make the cake from scratch, however, I did use and awesome white cake kit to go along with my homemade icing.
I was going to use blueberries, but the grocery store was out of them and I figured blackberries would do the trick. The frosting turned out to be DELICIOUS and the deep magenta was vibrant and fun.


A very special friend’s birthday
1 Bouquet of purple themed flowers
Two boxes of White Cake mix (You need vegetable oil and eggs for this as well)
8 or 9 inch rounds
1 cup of organic blackberries
5-6 cups of powdered sugar
A stick and a half of Sweet Cream Butter, ROOM TEMPERATURE (Leave it out before you go to work the day you make the cake or before you go to sleep, about 12 hours)
1 tsp of Vanilla Extract

1. Make the Cake and put each box in at least two rounds. (Two cakes per box). I put the finished cakes in the fridge on plates to cool while I made the frosting.
2. Mush the blackberries in a Mortor & Pestle. If you don’t have one, use a bowl and a spoon.
3. In a mixing bowl mush the Room temp butter. Stir in the vanilla extract, blackberries along with three cups of powdered sugar. Blend this as best as you can and then use the mixer. This prevents the powdered sugar from flying all over you and the kitchen. Whoops.
4. You want the consistency to be thick, so add in the extra powdered sugar until the consistency is to your liking. If your berries weren’t super juicy, you may not need the extra two cups. Mine were extremely juicy so I had to keep altering the recipe and add more sugar.
5. To frost the cakes, place icing on top of one cake then place another cake on top. Repeat this until all cakes are in place. Put the rest of the icing in a ziploc bag, seal it and cut a little bit off of one of the bottom corners. Fill in the sides of the cake with icing between the cakes. Use a knife to level the icing on the sides.
6. Cut your flowers before the party and place them wherever you like!


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