Buttery Pie Crust

This is a perfect crust for sweet and savory pies. I’ve used this recipe for my Apple Pie and Chicken pot pie. I was very disappointed with the pie dough they have at the store – so thin and still soggy after I baked. The worst! This makes “two disks” – enough crust for your pie base and pie topping/lattice. There is a lot of inspiration online for creative pie designs, next time I am definitely doing a braid. Making your own crust is a tedious but easy/simple and you most likely already have all the necessary ingredients!


Two sticks of butter, cut into slats. I used salted Kerry gold.

1 tsp sugar

1 tsp salt (optional if doing salted butter)

2 1/2 cups flour, leveled

1/2 cup ice water

Whisked egg to paint/egg wash before you bake for that golden crust


Add flour, sugar and salt into a food processor or blender. I’ve used both and food processor is ideal but blender still works. Pulse until mixed then add the butter slats and pulse again until mixture resembles coarse meal or clumpy damp sand. Use a spatula to work the caked up dough on the sides back into the bottom of processor, drizzle 1/4 cup ice water and pulse. Do not over process(lay on the blender button for more than 10 seconds at a time). When done, dough should appear chunky and stick together when pinched. Add up to 1/4 cup of additional ice water until dough gets to the crumbly/sticky consistency. I usually end up using 1/2 cup of ice water for my crust.

Place dough into plastic wrap or ziploc and form an airtight disk. Place in fridge to firm for at least 1 hour or up to 3 days. I took mine out after 6~ hours and let it sit for about 15 minutes on the counter top to soften up. Some people separate their pie dough into 2 even disks before putting in the fridge. I did not & used a bowl to form a perfect round for bottom & rolled out the excess for the weaving lattice on top.

Prep Tips: use a rolling pin or wine bottle on a clean & well floured surface to roll out your pie dough. Roll from the center of the dough outward, not from one side to the other. When you place first layer in bottom of ungreased pie dish, it’s okay if it breaks- just use extra dough to repair/cover dish.

Baking tips: Don’t grease your pie dish. Whisk an egg & paint on all the visible pie before baking. This ensures that lush golden crust. Bake at 425 for 35 minutes. I set timer for 25 minutes, pull out pie and admire, then rotate and put back in for the last 10 minutes.

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