Date Night Worthy Mussels

When you’re living in coastal florida the grocery stores are bound to have great seafood. We picked up a fresh bag of mussels for only 6$ and made this sauce for their last swim with ingredients in our kitchen. It seemed intimidating at first but the whole process only took 15 minutes and the outcome was glorious. We cooked our mussels the day we got them, kept them in their bag, opened to air and on ice in the fridge until we decided to cook them.


2-3 pounds of fresh Mussels!
1 yellow onion diced
4 TBSP Clarified Butter or Regular
1 cup organic chx broth
2 diced tomoatoes
2 TBSP red pepper flakes
1 cup skim milk
Juice of 2 lemons
3 garlic cloves minced


1. Rinse and wipe down your mussels and “remove the beard” ((the bristly material sticking out from one side))  If any mussels are open, discard them because that means they are dead! Keep your mussels on ice and make sure they are getting air before you cook them so they can breathe.
2. On low heat melt the butter in a pan, once melted add minced garlic, diced onion and stir for a few minutes until onions soften.
3. Add chicken brothe, diced tomatos, red pepper flakes, juice of two lemons, milk and red pepper flakes. Stir until mixed well and raise heat to high, stirring constantly and bringing to a boil.
4. Once the sauce is boiling, add the mussels, cover and cook for atleast five minutes.
5. We ate the mussels right out of the pot we cooked them in. Be careful because it will be VERY hot! Some people like toast, fries and/or pasta with their mussels. We were to excited to eat these guys we skipped the carbs and just dove in head first.


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