Guilt Free & Healthy, Crockpot Chicken Fajitas


I’m stoked to share this recipe with you because: #1 it’s a crockpot recipe, #2 it’s more delicious and 100 times healthier than the fajitas they drench in oil at Mexican restaurants and #3 it takes 10 minutes to prepare.
The #fajitaeffect.
My friend Emily T. came over this week to watch the season finale of the best show on television – The Leftovers – with me.  I made a big batch of these since they are so tasty/inexpensive/healthy and I am super busy this week… so I wanted leftovers (he he) for lunch and dinner.


Serves 6-8

3 yellow onions
3 bell peppers
2 to 3 lbs of chicken breast , I purchased the breast cut into tenders so it would be easier to cut after cooking. (you can also flatten your chicken)
2 fajita spiced packets,
3 10 oz cans of tomatos with chiles
Tortillas & any sides you may want to serve with your meal. I usually only get spanish quinoa mix to keep it light. (Salsa, hot sauce, rice, guacamole, lettuce, refried beans, Mexican cheese, sour cream, etc.)

1. Slice the Peppers and onions into strips.
2. Place the Chicken first, then 1 can of tomatoes and 1 fajita spice packet in the bottom of the crock pot. Stir until all the chicken has been covered with the seasoning/tomatoes.
3. Place the bell peppers on top of the chicken and create the top layer with onions in the crock pot. Then pour the second can of tomatoes on top with the other seasoning packet. Stir the onion layer, lightly, as best as you can without mixing the onions in with the bells peppers. (not a big deal but if you do mix them, it just wont be as easy to separate when you’re done)
4. Cook on high for 4-5 hours or low for 7-8 hours while you’re at work.
5. When it is done, use tongs to take everything out. (I like to separate my onions and peppers as best as I can.)
6. Use a cutting board to cut the chicken into strips.
7. Gather all of your sides you‘d like to serve with your fajitas & enjoy!



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